CTP Training Products


The evolution of telecommunications is compelling companies and organizations to ensure their telephony professionals' skills — from installation to implementation to maintenance of voice, data and video technologies — are up to date.

CTP training products include printed student and instructor guides as well as web-based practice exams, pre-assessment materials and Quick Reference Guides.

The CTP exam validates core knowledge and skills required by equipment manufacturers, their channel partners, and end-users to sell and service convergence technologies.

We also offer the official training products for the CCNT (Certified in Convergence Network Technologies) program.

CTP+ Exam Training Materials

Product Product ISBN/Code More Info Price Purchase
Blended Solutions:
New ProductCTP Academic Student Kit ISBN: 0742326977
Get more info for product: DCT05CTCTNAPR1008 $199 add to shop cart; product: DCT05CTCTNAPR1008
New ProductCTP Instructor Kit ISBN: 0742326950
Get more info for product: KCKITCTCTNAPR1008 $199 add to shop cart; product: KCKITCTCTNAPR1008
New ProductCTP Student Kit ISBN: 0742326969
Get more info for product: KCT05CTCTNAPR1008 $199 add to shop cart; product: KCT05CTCTNAPR1008
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